Professional Graphic Design In Reading, PA

Reading PA Design Services

In Motion Solutions can design and develop a professional, effective web site custom for your Reading, PA company. Every website is custom, not from a template; your website will be the only one of its kind. Our clean, effective website designs are easy to navigate and load quickly in every major browser. Simple, yet elegant, site structures help search engines to find your content, and send traffic to your place on the web. These features captivate users and keep them on your website longer, to produce more leads and, in-turn, more sales.

The Process

Each design project begins with a consultation to fully understand your idea(s) and the scope of your project. After the consultation, a quote will be prepared for your particular website and then sent to you via email (before the start of the the project). Once you’ve reviewed and accepted the quote, we will collect digital files from you that are needed to begin the design phase (logo, photos, content etc.) Then, a digital proof will be created as an image to represent what your website will look like in a browser. Once the design has been critiqued, revised and approved, it is turned into code for web browsers to be able to read, interpret and display on users’ screens. Once the initial design is completed in code, content will be added, and the site will be tested for usability in multiple browsers. After cross-browser testing is complete, the name servers will be set so that your website can be viewed at its correct domain ( Once your project is completed, we can set up regular maintenance to ensure your website remains functional, secure and among the top in search rankings.